Jun 4, 2009

Interview With BOS Artist: Cibele Vieira

**Cibele Vieira be showing her work at 119 Ingraham St., #207**

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m from Brazil and have been living in the US for 11 years (7 years in NYC + 4 years in Ann Arbor, Michigan). I left Brazil to discover new things, to study, to grow and then found my home in New York.

What project(s) will you be showing during this year's open studios festival?

I’m showing a project called “Senseless”, in which I get knick-knacks from the dollar store, spray paint them white and then photograph them. It’s what in photography we called ‘high key’ because it accentuates the white in an image. Using the whiteness, camera angles and depth of focus I explore the properties that the image has in suggesting new meanings for things.

What inspired this project?

This project started as an organic response to my personal life, which has been quite shaken this past year. I lost my dad to cancer after the long and brutal battle of someone who would not accept the end of his existence. The economic downturn hit me hard when I was not prepared. As a result, I confined myself to my studio searching for a new project as a way to reconcile my new reality. Things looked the same but did not mean the same. I found that by painting those cheap objects white I could in some way translate the ruptures in my life into my work - work that has always been full of color.

Any plans in the works?

I think this project has more to give me. I’m imagining playing with combinations of objects that might suggest narrative. But it’s too early - let’s not spoil it.

How long have you lived in Bushwick, and what initially drew you to the neighborhood?

In 2006 I lived in a house in Bushwick with a backyard and I loved it. I’m living in Greenpoint now but have my studio in Bushwick. What is great about it is that there are colleagues all around to motivate, inspire and nurture the work - which makes easier to keep producing art in these tough times.

Can you recommend any Bushwick artists or art venues that you think we should check out?

Yes, I think everybody should check the show Fortress to Solitude this festival weekend - some very interesting work is going to be shown there.

Thank you Cibele!

To learn more about Cibele's art practice, check out her website.

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