May 21, 2009

Interview with BOS Artist: Gina Beavers

**Gina Beavers will be showing her work at 1 Grattan Street, #215**

What project(s) will you be showing during this year's open studios festival?

I'm going to be showing paintings and prints from the last 6 months or so. I'll also have some photocopy prints for sale, super cheap!

What inspired this work?

My work is ultimately autobiographical, with a sprinkling of 'painting about painting' thrown in. The images are ones that I come across in my day to day life. The pieces I'm showing are based on images I have glanced in the background of a SciFi movie, on google and in old nature magazines.

Any plans in the works?

I'm going to be starting some larger scale works based on things I saw recently on a trip to the mountains in Appalachia, as well as wrapping up some ideas based on fabrics. I'm also hoping to experiment with some screenprinting this summer.

How long have you lived in Bushwick, and what initially drew you to the neighborhood?

I've had a studio in Bushwick since the summer of 2006. When I first came out to look at the space, I was kind of shocked at how much was going on. There definitely seemed to be something exciting brewing that was unique to Bushwick. It seemed like out of this kind of Industrial wasteland, a vital creative scene was rising and I wanted to be a part of it..

Can you recommend any Bushwick artists or art venues that you think we should check out?

So many great artists live or work in Bushwick, that its difficult, I can't begin to cover them all! I haven't seen the full list of who's participating yet, but Pocket Utopia does really interesting, cool things as does English Kills down the street. I would also check out the open studios at Lumenhouse, Megan Hays and Sara Hubbs do really inventive, exciting stuff with found materials. Also, Starr Space is awesome!. They do great shows and have excellent DJS and dancing!!

Thank you Gina!

To learn more about Gina's art practice, check out her website.

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